In fact stem cell therapy is a type of cell therapy that cells injected into Damage tissue until cure disorder and injury. Some of the medical researchers have believed that stem cell therapy can treat some of disease and helping for people that suffered special diseases. This treatment can improve bad disease and stem cell therapy can change other medical methods. They believed stem cell therapy has a lot of potential to replace the diseased and damaged tissues in the body without getting the risk of infusions.

Stem cell therapy has an ability that able to self-renew and also give rise to further generation of cells that which can multiply. We have a number of methods of stem cell therapy but most of them have stopped in experimental levels. This treatment is very costly expect bone marrow transplant. Although researchers have believed one day will able to extend technologies from embryonic stem cell and we can cure diseases that occur in adult cells such as type I diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cardiac failure, neurological disorders and etc.



The Stem cell therapy have a many pros and cons. the stem cell therapy like another therapies hasn’t just advantageous package. This part we want say some pros and cons about stem cell therapy:

* It offer a lot of profit in the therapeutic sectors of cloning and regenerative drug.

* It illustrate great potential in the cure of a number of conditions like Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, schizophrenia, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and etc.

* The stem cell therapy helps the researchers know more about the growth of human cells and development these cell.

* In next years, the stem cell research can let scientist to test a number of drugs and medicines without inject products into human and animal bodies. The drugs can infuse into a population of cells directly.

* The stem cell therapy also lets researchers till can study developmental levels that cannot inject into human embryo but these used in cure of a number of infertility problems, birth defects, and also pregnancy loss. The stem cell therapy give us higher grips will let the cure of the abnormal development in the human body.

* In stem cell therapy we use a patient’s own body for cure patients and this process reduce a risk of rejection because we used a cells to the same human body.

* The use of the stem cell for researching involves the destruction of the blastocytes that are formed from the laboratory fertilization of the human egg.

* Still now the long term of this therapy are unknown.

* One of disadvantages of adult stem cells is that the cells of a particular origin would generate cells only of that type, like brain cells would generate only brain cells and so on.



* Cells that use in cell therapy is embryonic but this way has the disadvantages is that cell will not be the same human body and we have chances of rejection.

Stem cell therapy still under research and study about things that requires to be established before it utilized as a cure line so that we can use this method.


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